Write a Book with Omniscience

Write Your Magnum Opus.


Generating Your Book

1. Go to: Write your book on the Write Book page. Upon book completion, you'll get an email with your completed book and everything you need to submit it to Amazon.

2. Log In: Click Sign Up to create an account. You can also sign up or sign in with your Google account.

3. Describe your book in the bar.

4. Click Book (it’ll take 8m to be generated). After a few minutes your generated book will be sent to your registered email.

5. Plagiarism and Fact-Checking: Before publishing the book on Kindle store, conduct a plagiarism check and fact-checking. We recommend using Grammarly or hiring a professional from Fiverr.


Uploading your Generated Book to Kindle

1. Join KDP: Go toThe Kindle Store.

2. Sign in or Create a new account:

3. Click Create then select the appropriate upload type. (Ebook/Paperback/Hardcover/Series Page). We will be uploading an Ebook for this example.

4. Fill the Form: Fill out all required fields and files in the following steps. Use PDF for the paperback or hardcover. Book Details -> Kindle Book Content -> Kindle Book Pricing

5. Publish your Book and Start Earning!


Completing Amazon account information

1. NOTE: To publish a book your Account must be fully set up. Make sure to have the following completed. Complete this by going to Your Account (Accessible via the top Navigation Bar)

2. Add Author/Publisher Information. Include Business Type (likely individual), Birth Date, Address, and Phone Number)

3.Getting Paid Information. Add your bank account so that you can take royalty payments.

4.Taxation Information: Make sure to sign the certification.